Work-Study Employer Registration

Work-Study Employer Registration

The Work-Study Program enables UC Berkeley departments to hire students at a substantially reduced cost. The hiring department pays only a portion of the student's wages. The ratio of Work-Study funds to departmental matching funds is determined by the Financial Aid Office, and is subject to change from year to year, depending upon the availability of governmental and institutional funds.

To register as a Work-Study employer, a department should visit the Work-Study web site.

Before Work-Study student employees are set up on payroll and allowed to begin work, the Work-Study Office must make an official referral to the department.

All Work-Study students are to be directly supervised. Supervisors are assigned by the departmental administrative officer.

Departments should be as flexible as possible in scheduling working hours in order to allow students the maximum opportunity to work while pursuing educational objectives.

All applicable University personnel policies that apply to casual employees also apply to Work-Study employees. This includes leave hours earned according to personnel policy. These earned leave hours must be logged, documented, carried forward to new appointments, and paid only out of departmental funds.

Accurate records of student earnings should be maintained to ensure that students do not exceed their maximum earnings eligibility as indicated by the Work-Study Office. In any case, student earnings that exceed authorized limits must be paid 100 percent out of departmental funds.

Fee remissions included as part of most graduate student instructor (GSI) and graduate student researcher (GSR) appointments are funded by the salary source, excluding federal or university work-study awards. If a student has been awarded federal or university work study, the work study funds can be used only to subsidize the salary component of the GSI or GSR.