The Chancellor has delegated the authority to purchase on behalf of UC Berkeley to the Director of Business Services (materials, goods and services) and the Campus Librarian (library collections). 

Low Value Purchase Authorization

The Low Value Purchase Authorization (LVPA) is a delegation of purchasing authority from the Director of Business Services to all campus departments and organized research units (ORUs). Individuals who have been given departmental authorization through the BFS Security Office within the Controller’s Office or the Procurement Card Program Office within Business Services may exercise the purchasing authority on behalf of the department for purchases below $5,000. 

Department personnel executing the LVPA are purchasing agents representing the University and the Regents. They must maintain and practice the highest standards of business ethics, observe applicable laws and policies, and avoid any conflict of interest.

The Office of Record responsibilities are split between the campus departments and Disbursements. Disbursements is the Office of Record for the invoice only. The departments are responsible for all authorizing and receiving documentation. 

Further information, policies, and procedures can be found on the Procurement Services web site.

Berkeley Financial System (BFS)

The BFS PO Approver is responsible for determining that the transaction is: 

  1. properly approved;
  2. reasonable, appropriate and allowable given the funding source;
  3. compliant with laws, regulations and policies;
  4. coded to the correct chartstring;
  5. adequately documented; and
  6. processed timely. 

In addition, the BFS PO Approver is responsible for ensuring that funding is available to cover the expenditure.

The Director of Business Services may withdraw the delegation of the LVPA if a department is found to be in violation of the LVPA guidelines. 

Procurement Card (bluCard)

The bluCard is a delegation of LVPA to designated individuals, upon the approval of a department’s administrative official and the Purchasing Operations Manager. This delegation may be withdrawn if the authorized individual does not follow bluCard guidelines.

The department is the Office of Record for all bluCard purchases and as such is responsible for maintaining all required documentation. The department also is responsible for monitoring and reviewing all blu-Card activity and ensuring that all LVPA guidelines and restrictions are observed. See roles and responsibilities for the bluCard program.