Photo Identification

The Cal 1 Card Office manages the production and issuance of photo identification cards to students, faculty and staff of the UC Berkeley campus community. 

The multipurpose digitized identification card is the proof of official campus affiliation and is used to give access to benefits and services provided by UC Berkeley. Some of the functions of the Cal 1 Card include library privileges, building access, meal plans, and discounts for students and staff. 

The Cal 1 Card displays the individual's name, digitized image, signature, campus affiliation, and employee ID number.

To ensure the integrity of the data printed and encoded on the identification cards, the Cal 1 Card program works in partnership with the Office of Human Resources and the Office of the Registrar. The unit also has established partnership with other campus service providers such as UC Berkeley Police Department (UCPD), the Library, Recreational Sports Facilities (RSF), Associated Students, University of California (ASUC), User and Account Services, and Parking and Transportation.