Web-based Activities

The use of campus electronic resources under University jurisdiction must comply with University of California policies, rules, and regulations, as well as local, state, and federal laws. The University of California Electronic Communications Policy (ECP) governs all electronic communications, whether by the Web or other developing media. The Berkeley Campus Computer Use Policy governs all campus computing and networking activities. 

Administrative officials are responsible for initiating efforts to resolve reported incidents of potential policy violation by entities affiliated with that department (or project) who are using resources of the department or are providing online activities on behalf of that department.

Departments should establish local guidelines and procedures for handling their investigation and response to reports alleging violations of law and/or University policy involving persons and resources under their jurisdiction. For example, as part of their procedures, departments may create steering committees to examine and discuss issues regarding departmental-related online activities and to recommend resolutions of disagreements. The campus Guidelines for Administering Appropriate Use of Campus Computing and Network Services were drafted to assist departments to ensure appropriate use of those resources and to respond correctly to allegations of misuse.

Violations of University policies governing the use of University electronic resources may result in restriction of access to University information technology resources. In addition, disciplinary action may be taken under other University policies, guidelines, implementing procedures, or collective bargaining agreements, up to and including dismissal. Any restrictive action must follow standard University procedures that assure due process.

Administrative officials with questions and/or apparent violations of the Computer Use Policy should contact Information Systems and Technology (IST) at security-policy@berkeley.edu.

Resources offering assistance to departments and individuals developing a web presence are: