Insurance and Claims Settlement

The Chancellor has delegated the authority to settle certain claims on behalf of UC Berkeley to the Office of Risk Services (ORS). Administrative officials are responsible for reporting claims in a timely manner and providing ORS with all the information necessary to process the claims.

Risk management is the process of identifying conditions that can cause injury or loss of assets, then devising strategies to eliminate or control those conditions. The most common form of risk management is insurance.

To avoid injuries, reduce disruption to education and research, and save money, the ORS maintains programs that provide systematic risk analysis, develop techniques to reduce potential exposure to loss, and procure and administer insurance. ORS manages the following programs.

  • General Liability: third party bodily injury and/or property damage for which UC Berkeley is legally liable. The program responds to litigated or non-litigated claims;
  • Employment: claims of discrimination (sex, race, age) and harassment. The program responds to litigated claims only;
  • Automobile: UC Berkeley owned vehicles only. Damage to UC Berkeley vehicles is subject to a deductible which is the responsibility of the department; and
  • Property: UC Berkeley owned property only. Losses are subject to various deductibles which is the responsibility of the affected department. A Theft Deductible Buy Down program is available for those departments wishing to reduce the deductible amount for their losses; departments are responsible for signing up for this program.

The Office of Risk Services web site answers the most common questions about insurance and risk management at UC Berkeley.