The Development and Campaign Office within University Development and Alumni Relations is responsible for coordinating the relationships between the University and its external constituencies. The Development Manual, containing UC Berkeley’s fundraising practices, procedures and policies, is available online only after receiving authorization from the Development Office.

Fundraising campaigns are organized efforts to solicit gifts and grants for any University purpose from multiple private sources such as individuals, firms, corporations, groups, and/or foundations. Fundraising operations are entities that engage in any fundraising with UC Berkeley’s alumni, parents, students, corporations, foundations, faculty, staff, or friends on a one-time or ongoing basis. Fundraising projects are one-time, specific fundraising drives with a goal of $50,000 or more that includes solicitations to multiple numbers of prospects.

The fundraising units within University Development and Alumni Relations provide a variety of fundraising services to the campus.

Development Programs serves as a liaison between the central development effort and campus fundraising units. Services offered include:

  • Developing and administering a professional training program for deans, chairs, faculty, and staff focused on alumni relations, development, and public affairs policy and techniques;
  • Maintaining and distributing the Development Practices, Policies, and Procedures Manual; and
  • Maintaining and distributing the Resources Guide for Alumni Relations, Development, and the Office of Public Affairs.

Development Operations provides the infrastructure that supports campus wide fundraising efforts through alumni and donor information systems, Donor and Gift Services, research, stewardship, and network computing. The office also implements and interprets policy regarding the administration and terms of gifts.

Development Communications provides promotional, editorial, design, and donor relations services in support of UC Berkeley's fundraising activities, University events, and other outreach efforts.

The Inventory of Policy and Delegation is available from the Office of the President as a reference for development officers and administrators, and includes the Development Policy and Administration Manual. This Inventory provides under a single heading the controlling documents with regard to fundraising authority and the related subjects of endowments, allocations and reallocations, naming, support groups, campus foundations, and alumni associations.