Space Allocation

The Chancellor has delegated the authority to review space requests and make decisions on most space reassignments to the Space Assignments and Capital Improvements Committee (SACI). If substantial amounts of space are involved, or other special circumstances apply, SACI may make a recommendation for a final decision by the Chancellor. The Office of Space Management and Capital Programs (SMCP) supports SACI and is responsible for:

  • Utilizing, planning, and analyzing built space;
  • Developing and approving major and minor capital improvement programs;
  • Establishing project committees;
  • Managing the naming of facilities process;
  • Reviewing proposed outdoor art;
  • Approving temporary buildings; and
  • Maintaining the official campus facilities database, the campus historic map, and small-scale building floor plans.

The Real Estate Services Office (RESO) is responsible for all on- and off-campus commercial leasing. RESO also serves as UC Berkeley’s liaison with landlords for any landlord/tenant-related issues or problems during the term of the lease.

Deans are delegated the authority to reallocate space among departments or programs within their school or college. Proposed reallocations involving different deans, research units, and/or administrative and support units are normally reviewed by SMCP. All space reassignments between units must be reported to SMCP for record-keeping and for a determination whether further review is needed.

If a unit under a dean or administrative official objects to a space reassignment, it may appeal to SACI and, ultimately, the Chancellor, who is the final decision-making authority for the campus.