Dear Campus Policies users,

The Campus Policies website is back online and is available to all. Users will no longer need to use GlobalConnect VPN in order to access the site. 

The Campuswide Directory of Administrative Policies and Procedures is a central, on-line directory of policies and procedures with links to the originating departments. It provides information indexed by functional area (Academic Affairs, Business and Finance, Communications, Emergency and Safety Operations, Research Administration, and Student Affairs and Services), originating department, and policy name.

A campuswide policy meets one or both of the following criteria:

  • It affects a broad range of the campus community, either because it is of general interest or applicability, or because one control unit establishes a set of principles and procedures that other control units must abide by;

  • It coordinates compliance with applicable laws and regulations across control units, promotes operational consistency and efficiency, and/or reduces institutional risks.

The office responsible for the administration of a campuswide policy has designated an individual, telephone number, email address, or combination thereof as a contact for questions about the policy. This contact information is posted near the top of every policy and is kept current by the Responsible Office. If more than one office is responsible for administering the policy, particularly in the area of the procedure, the policy lists each Responsible Office, its area of responsibility, and contact information.

All campuswide policies, no matter when written or last updated, remain in effect as long as they are posted on the Official Campuswide Policies and Procedures Web site.

The Office of Ethics, Risk, and Compliance Services appoints a Policy Coordinator to facilitate the development, approval process as described below, and announcement of campuswide policies. 

Compliance Enterprise Risk Committee (CERC) Policy Subcommittee 

Organization Structure

The CERC Policy Advisory Subcommittee comprises of :

• At least one representative from each Vice-Chancellor (representatives do not have to be CERC members). 

• A representative from the Academic Senate. 

• A representative from the Office of Legal Affairs. 

• A representative from the Chief Information Officer. 

• CERC members who wish to participate in the subcommittee on either a continuing or ad hoc basis. 

Overview of Policy Subcommittee Process 

The Policy Subcommittee is advisory to the full Compliance Enterprise Risk Committee (CERC) and is charged with the review of new and revised campus-wide administrative policies.  The subcommittee vets the proposal with the policyholder and recommends to CERC the approval of the campuswide policy.  The CERC Policy Subcommittee meets separately from CERC. It meets bi-monthly (with a limited number of exceptions) on the second Tuesday of the month and reviews policies in whatever manner it chooses but strives to respond within 30 days to requests for policy review. The responsible offices will be invited to send representatives to the CERC Policy Subcommittee meeting. 

For Policy submissions to the Subcommittee, documents must be on the campus templates, including the appendix, for new proposals and or revised proposals. Additionally, for policy revisions, a redlined copy of the policy changes should also be provided and submitted to the Policy Coordinator at ucbpolicy@berkeley.edu . The Policy Coordinator will review the proposal for technical and substantive changes before providing them to the committee. New and revised proposals must be received by the Policy Coordinator one month before the scheduled meeting. 

For additional information on the policy development, review, and approval procedure, please refer to the Management of Campuswide Policies. If you have any questions or need assistance with Policy submissions, please review the Guide To Writing Policies or contact the Policy Coordinator at ucbpolicy@berkeley.edu.