Re-Delegation Guidelines for Administrative Officials

For Administrative Officials Receiving a Delegation Letter from the Chancellor

The Chancellor has delegated certain decision-making authority and financial, administrative, and management responsibilities to you.

Unless stated otherwise, you may re-delegate some or all of this authority or responsibility further. However, you may not delegate greater decision-making authority or responsibility than you have been delegated. Moreover, you remain accountable for the decision-making authority or responsibility delegated to you regardless of whether you have re-delegated.

To re-delegate decision-making authority or responsibilities granted to you by the Chancellor:

  • Your re-delegation must be in writing.
  • You must ensure that the employees to whom you re-delegate are qualified.
  • You must monitor the employees to whom you re-delegate to make sure they are properly fulfilling their duties.
  • If you wish to limit further re-delegation, you must say so in the re-delegation letter. 

If you allow further re-delegation, you must make sure that the employees receiving the re-delegation follow these guidelines as well.

All re-delegation letters must be sent to the Office of Ethics, Risk and Compliance Services (  The Campus Delegations Coordinator will upload your re-delegations  to the official delegations web site, enabling the campus to know who is responsible for what.