When to File and 10 Common Errors

Annual forms are due April 1st.  


Please send your completed Form 700 with the original signature to:

ATTN: Karin Rice
Office of the General Counsel
1111 Franklin Street, 5th Floor
Oakland, CA 94607-5200

Form 700: 10 Common Errors

How to avoid ten common errors in filing conflict of interest statements:

  1. Sign your statement. An unsigned statement is not considered filed and could subject you to late filing penalties.

  2. Submit the original. The statement must contain an original signature. The University cannot accept a photocopy of the verification section in which you certified your statement as true and correct under penalty of perjury.

  3. Know your jurisdiction. The jurisdiction for University officials is the State.

  4. Check your disclosure categories. You may need to report only certain types of interests. Be sure to check your Disclosure Categories (see Appendix A - List of Designated Positions) for your appropriate location that describe the specific types of interests you must report.

  5. Report your spouse’s interests. Your spouse’s investments and interests in real property are reportable. Fifty percent of your spouse’s income is considered your income and must be disclosed.

  6. University salary or reimbursements. You are not required to report the salary or reimbursements for expenses, including travel expenses, that you receive from the University.

  7. Don’t report personal residences. You need only to report the portion of a personal residence that is used as a place of business for tax purposes.

  8. Diversified mutual funds are not reportable. Neither are bank accounts, savings accounts, insurance policies or government bonds.

  9. Use the schedules. Don’t attach brokerage statements or other extraneous information.

  10. Annual Form 700 is due April 1st. There is no provision in the law for extensions of filing deadlines.

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