Policies and Procedures

There are numerous departments on campus that are responsible for promulgating UC Berkeley policies and procedures, such as Environment, Health & Safety, Human Resources, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research. In addition, the Office of the President promulgates system-wide policies and procedures. Most of these policies and procedures are available online.

The Campuswide Directory of Administrative Policies and Procedures is a central, on-line directory of policies and procedures with links to the originating departments. It provides information indexed by functional area (Academic Affairs, Business and Finance, Communications, Emergency and Safety Operations, Research Administration, and Student Affairs and Services), originating department, and policy name.

Campus Administrative Memos (CALmessages) directed to deans, directors, department chairs, and administrative officers, often contain new or updated campus policies that have not yet been codified and included in the Campuswide Directory. The CALmessages web site includes a search engine for locating memos by subject, date, or specified words.

System-wide University policies can be accessed directly from the Office of the President’s web site.

The Chancellor has delegated the authority for establishing campus financial policies and procedures to the Controller. The Controller also interprets financial policies promulgated by the Office of the President and answers specific UC Berkeley financial policy or procedure questions, and approves all financial policy exceptions.

Administrative officials have oversight responsibility for developing and maintaining a system of departmental controls which will effectively and efficiently lead to the achievement of departmental objectives. Administrative officials should ensure that departmental policies and procedures augmenting campuswide policies and procedures are well documented and available to faculty, staff, and, if requested, Audit and Advisory Services.

Helpful links to policies, procedures, and other resources of interest to administrative officials of academic departments can be found on the Chairs "Toolkit" web page.