Disability Services

No one, on the basis of their disability, may be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination under any UC Berkeley program or activity. University Health Services is responsible for administering disability services for faculty and staff. The Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost is the senior administrative officer responsible for campus policies affecting students with disabilities. For more information, see:

The University Vocational Rehabilitation Program within University Health Services is designed to help disabled faculty and staff members (for work-related and non-work-related injuries) stay on the job through accommodation, or find other work consistent with their medical limitations. For more information, see:

The ADA/504 Compliance Officer is responsible for ensuring that the policies and procedures developed by the campus comply with federal, state, and University requirements. The ADA/504 Compliance Officer serves as a resource to those with disabilities who believe that they are not receiving appropriate accommodations or that they are being treated in a discriminatory manner. In addition, the ADA/504 Compliance Officer may set aside or modify an accommodation that is under dispute.

The Academic Accommodations Policy Board is responsible for advising the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost about policies and procedures related to the provision of academic accommodations for students with disabilities and assists in resolving any disagreements that might arise concerning particular academic accommodations.

The Disabled Students' Program (DSP) is responsible for verifying the documentation concerning a student's disability, determining eligibility for services, assessing the impact of the disability on the student's participation in academic activities, determining appropriate academic accommodations, and advising the student concerning appropriate learning strategies. The Disability Specialist from DSP determines the nature of accommodations in instruction and testing that will be required for a student.

If an instructor fails to provide an academic accommodation that is determined to be appropriate, the instructor's department chair (or dean), in conjunction with the ADA/504 Compliance Officer, is responsible for ensuring that the accommodation is provided in a timely manner until the matter has been reviewed by the Academic Accommodations Policy Board and a final decision is reached by the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.

Administrative officials are responsible for ensuring that faculty and staff within their jurisdiction understand UC Berkeley's full commitment to implementing federal law and University policy assuring nondiscrimination for students, faculty and staff on the basis of disability.