Department heads are delegated the authority to authorize travel for faculty, staff, and students, and to approve travel advances and expenses which are consistent with University policy and funded from sources within their area of responsibility. This authority may not be redelegated. Conditions and limitations to this delegation are:

  • Authorization should be given, preferably in writing, before travel occurs
  • Department heads may not authorize or approve their own travel. Approval for travel advances and expenses must be obtained from the next higher level of delegated authority
  • Payments of travel advances and expenses are subject to all University and campus travel policies and procedures. View Policy and Regulations Governing Travel
  • Personal travel, and travel under the sponsorship of a non-University entity, cannot be charged to, or be temporarily funded by, the University

The Chancellor and his designees have the authority to approve exceptions to travel policy. Any delegation of authority for exceptional travel expenses must be in writing and any redelegation of this authority must be authorized by the Chancellor.

The Disbursements Office is responsible for reviewing and processing travel reimbursements in accordance with standard University procedures. The review process does not, however, negate or diminish any potential liabilities resulting from noncompliance by campus departments or principal investigators.

Principal investigators have the primary responsibility for ensuring that travel funded under sponsored projects or extramural grants conforms to the limitations prescribed by the sponsoring agency or extramural organization. When the travel regulations of a sponsoring agency or extramural organization differ from University policies, the more restrictive regulations shall apply.

Departments/units are responsible for ensuring that documentation of travel expenses claimed for reimbursement is adequate, rates applied are correct, and expenditures comply with requirements of the given funding source and University guidelines.