The following central departments are responsible for conducting or coordinating various investigations on campus:

  • Audit and Advisory Services is responsible for conducting preliminary evaluations and investigations of known or suspected misuse of University resources.
  • Office of the Controller is responsible for coordinating all external financial audits by federal, state or other regulatory agencies.
  • Disability Access & ComplianceThe University is committed to ensuring that students, staff, faculty and non-affiliates  with disabilities are able to take part in, and benefit from, the whole range of programs, services, and activities offered by the University. The University continues to modify its facilities, programs, policies, or practices, as necessary, to ensure such access is provided.

UCOP PACAOS 140 requires that UCB adopt and publish a grievance procedure to assure the prompt and equitable resolution of complaints. The purpose of this access violation or disability discrimination grievance procedure is to resolve as promptly as possible any problems, complaints, or conflicts related to the University’s disability compliance without the need for the complainant to resort to other remedies available under the law.

  • Office of Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) is responsible for investigating large-scale hazardous material spills and releases to the environment. They are also the liaison between the campus and regulatory agencies for most environmental, health, and safety issues.
  • Radiation Safety which is integrated with the Office of Environment, Health, & Safety (EH&S) is responsible for investigating worker exposures, spills, and releases involving radiation or lasers.
  • Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD) contributes to this university commitment by overseeing campus compliance with University of California and UC Berkeley policies prohibiting protected category discrimination and harassment (including sexual harassment and violence).  Our oversight of these policies encompasses responding to and resolving reports of harassment and discrimination from students, staff, faculty and visitors that are related to protected class and civil rights policies.

Administrative officials are responsible for cooperating fully with the investigation team and ensuring that requested documentation is made available promptly. They are also responsible for encouraging the faculty, staff, and student employees within their jurisdiction to report any suspicious activities.