Human Resources/Personnel

UC Berkeley has two central offices which are responsible for providing support for personnel activities:

  • The Office of Human Resources which is responsible primarily for staff personnel activities, and is responsible for benefits administration and labor relations for all employees.
  • And The Academic Personnel Office  which is responsible for faculty personnel activities.

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) assists departments by reviewing employment offers for hire or promotion, including salary levels and compliance with University policy. The OHR Compensation/Classification Unit is responsible for determining classification levels for new and "reclassed" positions. The Employee Relations Unit provides consulting services to the campus on the full range of human resources issues, including:

  • Conflict resolution;
  • Performance management;
  • Reorganizations and organizational development; and
  • Implementation of policies, union contracts, and campus personnel procedures.

Comprehensive information with general information, processes and forms for a variety of staff personnel issues can be found on the Human Resources web site.

Administrative officials, in coordination with OHR, are responsible for hiring, promotion and disciplinary actions within their jurisdiction. In addition, they have oversight responsibility for developing employee relations practices that ensure due process, nondiscrimination, and freedom from harassment and retaliation. Specifically, they are responsible for:

  • Fostering a departmental environment that is based on mutual respect, where everyone (faculty, staff and students) has the right to teach, work and study, free from harassment or denigration on the basis of race, age, religious preference, gender, sexual orientation, or place of origin.
  • Establishing and monitoring procedures for departmental activities to ensure compliance with UC Berkeley human resources policies and procedures and academic personnel policies.
  • Establishing and maintaining plans, standards and expectations for performance management, and providing complete, honest, and timely performance evaluations on a regular basis in accordance with appropriate labor contracts or policies.
  • Maintaining appropriate documentation to support and substantiate personnel actions taken in their department, particularly in the areas of applicant selection, performance appraisal, classification, compensation and other conditions of employment.