The Classroom Management Office manages classroom space allocation for academic instruction and special events, and coordinates maintenance, custodial activities, and renovation projects with Facilities Services. Faculty, academic departments and affiliated offices of the UC Berkeley campus can obtain more information on classroom allocation procedures and request specific classrooms online.

The Classroom Central "hotline" (642-2800) is available to students, faculty and staff to report problems with the physical aspects of the general assignment classrooms assigned to their course or special event. Classroom Central will refer problems to the appropriate campus agency and will make sure the solution is executed in a timely manner.

Non-University users of general assignment classrooms are required to obtain sponsorship from a bona fide campus department, evidenced by a letter signed by the chair or director and sent directly to the Classroom Scheduling Office. Non-University users must obtain a facilities use permit from the Real Estate Services Office once the Classroom Scheduling Office has approved their event. The event will be confirmed in writing to the group contact person and the sponsoring department. More information can be found on the Office of the Registrar web site.