Business Contracts

The Business Contracts and Brand Protection Office (BCBP) is responsible for contracts associated with business relationships, non-common goods and services, strategic alliances, intellectual property, and copyright agreements. Contracts for funded research are discussed in the Research Grants and Contracts section of this Guide.

BCBP is responsible for final preparation and execution of contract documents including the appropriate business, policy and legal review. BCBP also acts as the office of record, maintaining the original executed contract. Information on the contracting process can be found on the BCBP web page entitled Business Contracts Office: Roles & Responsibilities.

Because of the high risk exposure to the campus, many central offices are responsible for reviewing specific elements of a business contract.

University Counsel provides review support to BCBP on legal ramifications associated with contracts in their entirety and approves the contracts as to legal form. The purpose of the review is to identify legally objectionable provisions, to improve precision and clarity, and to detect unanticipated areas of potential institutional exposure.

Risk Services is responsible for providing an accurate assessment of risks and liabilities to the University resulting from a proposed contract. Risk Services ensures that appropriate indemnification and insurance clauses are included in the contract.

The Director of Business Services is responsible for ensuring compliance with University policy and for approving language in contracts associated with the use of the University’s name, trademarks, trade names, and logos. Business Services is also responsible for enforcing adherence to the Code of Conduct for trademark licensees.

Other University departments, such as Sponsored Projects Office (SPO), Office of Technology Licensing (OTL), Office of Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S), and Capital Projects, may be consulted as appropriate during the contracting process, on an as-needed basis.

Campus departments are responsible for obtaining contract approval at the appropriate level. A contract of special institutional significance and/or a proposed non-routine contract must have the appropriate Vice Chancellor’s review and approval.

Departments are responsible for providing the scope and objectives of the proposed contract, the institutional interests to be served, and an assessment of any potential risk and financial impact. Departments are also responsible for making business and programmatic decisions regarding the contract and contract performance.

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