Community Interactions

The Office of Local Government and Community Relations serves as a link between the campus and its neighbors – residents, business and civic organizations, and local governmental agencies in the City of Berkeley and the Bay Area. It is responsible for the following activities:

  • Representing UC Berkeley's interests in the community and providing information about campus policies, programs, and activities to community members;
  • Promoting public service projects and activities of mutual benefit to the campus and community;
  • Providing appropriate contact points on campus for public inquiries and requests for services;
  • Coordinating responses to local governmental and community issues; and
  • Advising other campus units on issues of local concern

The Office of Government and Community Relations is the campus link to the state and federal government. It works on behalf of UC Berkeley to develop productive relationships with government decision-makers in order to improve their understanding of UC Berkeley's contributions to society. The strategic objective of the Office is to formulate and implement appropriate systematic approaches to public policy issues that affect the learning, teaching and research functions of the campus.

In coordination with the Institute of Governmental Studies, Public Affairs connects UC Berkeley faculty and their research to legislators and leaders of government agencies for the purpose of developing state and federal policy. The Office responds to legislators' requests and organizes dozens of legislative visits to campus each year. Information on federally funded projects under the leadership of UC Berkeley faculty is available from the Sponsored Projects Office.

Administrative officials are not authorized to lobby state and federal government officials concerning policies or legislation relating to the University. In the event that any administrative official is invited by a member of a committee of the State Legislature or Congress or by any other state or federal government agency or officer to discuss pending legislation or policy relating to the University, or to serve on a governmental commission, board, or committee relating to the University, the invitee must notify the Office of the President.