Authority to Act for the Chancellor

  • In case of the Chancellor's extended absence or inability to act, the EVCP is given the authority to act on the Chancellor's behalf.
  • In the case both the Chancellor & EVCP are absent or unable to act, the VCAF is given the authority to act on behalf of the Chancellor.
  • In the event of the absence of each aforementioned administrator, the Vice Chancellor of Equity & Inclusion is given the authority to act on the Chancellor's behalf.

Name university properties, programs and facilities

Authority to name streets and roads, portions of buildings, small outdoor areas and other minor properties, and single-campus programs or facilities

Approve Certain Activities of the Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science, Berkeley Campus

Authority to designate the Chair of the Executive Committee; and to approve: the appointment of members to the Advisory Board following consultation with the Executive Director of the Institute; the annual budget request of the Institute as recommended by the Advisory Board; and the annual report on the operations of the Institute.

Apply for alcoholic beverage service licenses

University policy states that "no individual, group, or campus acting in the name of The Regents or in the name of the University may apply for a license to engage in the sale of any alcoholic beverage, including beer." This prohibition is pursuant to the State constitution which prohibits any State agency, including the University, from being licensed to sell alcoholic beverages. Therefore, any license to provide or sell alcoholic beverages on a campus must be issued in the name of an organization such as a faculty club, food service vendor, alumni group, or other independent entity.