Approval Authority for Exceptional Entertainment

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Delegation ID: 
Delegation Date: 
Sunday, May 1, 2005

Roles that Have been Delegated Authority by the Chancellor

Execptional Entertainment Approval Authority - Authorization limits detailed in BUS-79
Name Area Role
Paul Alivisatos EVC&P Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost (EVCP)
Catherine Koshland Undergraduate Control Unit Vice Chancellor
Elizabeth Chavez Chancellor's Expenses Assistant VC & Controller
Steve Sutton Student Affairs Interim Vice Chancellor
Julie Morgan Hooper University Development and Alumni Relations Vice Chancellor
Oscar Dubon, Jr. Equity and Inclusion Vice Chancellor
Khira Griscavage Chancellor's Immediate Office Associate Chancellor & Chief of Staff
Randy Katz Research  Vice Chancellor
Marc Fisher  Administration Vice Chancellor
Limited Exceptional Entertainment Approval Authority per Chancellor's Delegation Letter which states:"In accordance with the campus' implementation of the University's Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-79, Entertainment, I am redelegating to you authority to approve exceptional entertainment for accounts within your purview for expenses up to 50% above the allowable University limits.  Expenses that exceed 50% over the University limits must be reviewed and approved by the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, regardless of the nature of the event or its host. You may not redelegate this authority."
Name Area Role
Ann Jeffrey Administration AVC/Chief of Staff
AnnaLee Saxenian School of Information Dean
Anthony J. Cascardi Arts and Humanities Division Dean
Benjamin Hermalin Faculty Vice Provost
Carla Hesse Social Sciences Division Dean
Diana Wu University Extension Dean
Edward Wasserman School of Journalism Dean
Erwin Cherminsky School of Law


Fiona Doyle Graduate Division Dean
Frances Hellman Mathematical & Physical Sciences Division Dean
Michael Botchan Biological Sciences Division Dean
Grace Crvarich Real Estate Chief of Staff
Henry Brady Goldman School of Public Policy Dean
Jeffrey Edleson Social Welfare Dean
Jennifer Wolch Environmental Design Dean
Keith Gilless Natural Resources Dean
Larry Conrad IST AVC/CIO
Larry Rinder Berkeley Art Museum Director
Matias Tarnopolsky Cal Performances Director
Richard K. Lyons Haas School of Business Dean
Robert Price Research AVC Research
Rosemarie Rae Finance AVC/CFO
Shankar Sastry Engineering Dean
Stefano Bertozzi Public Health Dean
Suzanne Pierce Research Sr. Strategic Advisor
Redelegation To Can Redelegate Document Notes
see details No none none